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Our philosophy

At Peritus Farm DMCC we understand the importance of good management. For Dairy Farming, one need expertise in the milking process, reproduction process, feeding process and to construct proper housing. For Meat fattening farms, the feeding and reproduction process holds the key to a profitable operation. For Forage production, one has to master the soil management, seeding and harvesting process.
We have a relentless focus on quality. Therefore we are aspiring to produce top grade Alfalfa on our forage farms in Pakistan. We have chosen Alpha is our logotype - it means first, the beginning, and is also the measure of performance on a risk-adjusted basis for investments. Alfalfa is our main product, where quality is the key performance criteria for us.
We take pride in giving investors a realistic business plan for the new ventures, in order to make a diligent analysis of the operational risks versus returns. Our focus is on emerging markets where expert management can make a great difference and we also work hard to transfer our knowledge into local resources as our chosen markets are growing very fast.